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To ensure Victoria could equip ourselves to handle projects of any size, we maintain close connections and relationships with experts all over the world. This depth and breadth of talent means we could engage in larger projects with the precise mix of specialists that our clients demands and deliver world-class solutions that produce measurable benefits to our clients.

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J. Champion
Holdings Limited

J. Champion Holdings Limited (“J. Champion”) was founded in Hong Kong with a core business in expanding in-house brands through retail chain stores, online shops, hotels, and other various sales channels.

J. Champion is running business under 6 different brands (Daily Manson, Mansion, The Jason’s, Mansion Mini Mart,  Outlet Plus and APM) with a wide variety of products to target different segments in the market.


QF Pay Haojin
Fintech Limited

Established in 2015, QF Pay is a global mobile payment technology, service and solution provider in providing local and cross-border mobile payments services to online and offline retailers around the world.


QF Pay enables merchants to accept mobile payments from variety choices of e-wallets and supporting banks, as well as their own strategic partners to launch a QR code-based payment solutions

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Carl Holdings Limited

A biotech company in providing advanced cell therapy treatment to families and individuals. By using the body's own stem cells as the most suitable customized health care, repair and treatment materials to alleviate and solve: sub-health diseases, cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, immune system diseases, elderly diseases, and even most cancers. Alleviate the burden and pressure of disease on society, family, and individuals. Provide the society with access to the world's most advanced stem cell medical research results at an affordable cost.

Surrus Capital

Surrus capital focuses on biotech and TMT PE investment.

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